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"Your Soul Puzzle," is not just your regular off-the-shelf self help book. It is the shades of life, the scent of love and the original sin of lust, all clothed in an easy to read, gut-slamming, hormone stimulating black 'n white blockbuster.  When I read it, I was so transformed that I was compelled to amateurishly edit the book and roughly rewrite my life. It does that to you - without apology or pretence. The psychology rings true, the learnings are eternal, the spirituality is from another place. But now YSP belongs here. It belongs to YOU!

~ Leonard C. Turner, Chief Talent and Skills Consultant (Eskom)


“Thanks for inviting me and providing us with an excellent course, I found it to be cleansing and rejuvenating."

~ Sherifa Charles


“I very much believe in what has been said in the book.  I have many cd’s on affirmations and letting go of the past and healing yourself.  I am definitely in favour of “law of attraction” and I am doing a course on the subject mentioned.  In my own life I have applied the change of thought patterns or your “default” patterns. We must get together and talk about the matter – I am trying to get a group going.  “Love the Book”.

Karen Munro, Senior Consultant – Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd 


“Hi Wendy, We should really make a plan to get together. I dont know if I have ever told you this, but you are a big role model in my life. You are such a phenomenal strong woman.  I would just like to have a chat to you and share some of my thoughts and ideas - I need spiritual nourishing for my soul and you are so full of it!  Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!”

~ Zelda Chapman, Phycologist 


“Thank you Weny for allowing us to dance with you. This was my first course in SAPS  and you made me to look forward to more. Once again thank you. I wish you all the best for the future and keep up the good work , May God Bless You” ~ Blossom Mdlalo, South African Police Services

“Wonderful stuff.”

~ Godfrey Mashike, Corporate Affairs Manager, Arwyp Medcail Centre 


“I find this book to be a great read. Glenda is a counselor, healer and born psychic, and she delivers in her book. While much of the medical establishment and the field of psychology seem to focus on only one aspect of the human being, Glenda recognizes the importance of the mind-body-spiritual connection. Without understanding the crucial connection of the these layers, true lasting healing can never be possible. So if have pain, unhappiness, abuse, failure, fear and other negativities that are hindering you from moving forward in your life, then go get the book now.”

~ Max Lovelett (USA) 


“This book is first of all beautifully written. I can relate so totally to the energy patterns in life. The other quality that came across was a sense of truth and integrity. all in all a wonderful book.”

~ Flick-M "Flickm" (Oxford UK) 


“fab book!”

~ wiggy (UK) 



The author

Wendy Shuttleworth is a Life Line counselor, educator, natural born psychic and intuitive. Wendy holds over 23 full qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework...

Wendy Shuttleworth


The book

the inner eye

Dear Reader
Firstly, thank you for going on a journey of self development with me.  I hope you learn more about yourself, your unique diversity and your individual beauty.



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