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First Love

When we first meet someone, we feel alive, excited, tingly and "happy."  This is because, when two people meet, they send each other huge bursts of sexual energy and are often not even aware they are doing so.  This extra new energy gives the world, yourself, and everything you touch, smell, taste or see a sense of magic.  Unfortunately, it is normally a short-lived magic, as people get tired of giving others energy unconditionally.  As people, when we give we usually want back.


Love Rainbow Aura



Anger and spiky aura


Aggressive, Assertive or Non Assertive behaviour:

Non-assertive (passive door mats) people accept that others have rights and do not accept their own rights, or lack the confidence to stand up for their rights.

Aggressive people will accept and fight for their rights while denying or ignoring the rights of others.


Assertive people respect the rights of others while standing up for their own rights, making the choices involved.  An assertive person has influence, impact and inter-actional power to get people to do things by inspiring people with enthusiasm and self-starter orientation so they strive for excellence. An assertive person often well practices the appropriate leadership behaviours of “listening skills” and “drive for results,” as the situation requires it (Situational Leadership).


Salute to the Sun: Yoga

This is my favourite Yoga routine as it has 12 movements, which flow into each other as a dance to honour the sun.   Ideally it should be practised in the morning, outside, while facing the rising sun.  Do not do this exercise when pregnant or if you have low blood pressure, hernias or back problems.  The salute to the sun is invigorating and a natural anti depressant.


Step 1: Stand erect, feet together, hands together in front of your chest, in a prayer pose.

Step 2: Inhaling slowly, stretch the arms up and backward, tightening the buttocks and bending backwards as far as possible.
Step 3: Exhaling, bend forward, touching the forehead to the knees (or as far as possible) and placing the hands flat on the floor in front of the feet.  Keep both knees straight.
Step 4: Inhale again, placing the right foot as far back as possible, toes touching the floor.  Keep the palms on the floor in the same position.  Hold your head up looking at the sun rising.
Step 5: Exhaling, bring the left foot back to meet the right one.  Hands and toes are touching the floor.  Head, back, and legs form a straight line.
Step 6: Hold your breath, turn the hands in slightly and bend the arms and knees so that the toes, knees, chest, hands, and forehead are touching the floor.
Step 7:  Inhale and straighten the arms, bending backwards, then lower the body resting on the floor.
Step 8: Exhale while raising the buttocks off the floor.  The hands and feet remain flat on the floor, making the body an upside down "V"         , the bottom side the floor.
Step 9: Inhale, bring the right foot forward, knee to chest, and raise the face upwards.
Step 10: Exhale while bringing the left foot up, level with the right one.  Keep the legs straight; touch the forehead to the knees.
Step 11: Inhale while raising the hands up and behind the head.  Bend backwards, tightening the buttocks.
Step 12: On the exhalation, bring the hands together in front of the chest fingers pointing up in the prayer pose, looking straight ahead.


The Native American medicine wheel

The Native American medicine wheel has “very powerful magic” and is a balancing symbol that can guide you in life.  This is a circle divided into four sections, with four spirit keepers:


  • White, buffalo, the gift of wisdom
  • Gold, eagle, the gift of illumination
  • Green, coyote, the gift of growth, trust and innocence
  • Black, bear, the gift of contemplation


A yoga exercise for ladies to do, as a form of, foreplay is to kneel on all fours, then make a doughnut shape with her buttocks in the air.  While doing this visualize the sexual energies and organs opening and awakening.  Try doing this for 2 to 4 minutes. 
Before foreplay a man can do the potency bounce.  To do this, sit with the soles of your feet touching, with your buttocks on your heels.  Use your hands in front of you on the floor to balance you.  Try bouncing up and down, while thinking of sex and feeling horny.  Try doing this for 2 to 4 minutes.  There are many more sexual exercises, especially in Kundalini Yoga.



















The author

Wendy Shuttleworth is a Life Line counselor, educator, natural born psychic and intuitive. Wendy holds over 23 full qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework...

Wendy Shuttleworth

The book

Dear Reader
Firstly, thank you for going on a journey of self development with me.  I hope you learn more about yourself, your unique diversity and your individual beauty.



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