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Managing Potential. Believe, Become, Be. Create your dream life.

This course is designed to help you discover your true potential by getting in touch with yourself and by imagining yourself as you would like to be.  One morning you will awake to find that you are the person you dreamed of simply because you had the courage to believe in your potential and to hold onto your dream.


The Goal

To teach you sklls to: 

  • Help you identify your values.
  • Help you discover your potential and become what you were meant to be.
  • Have a clear sense of purpose and to expand that purpose into a vision.
  • Show you why and how winners keep winning
  • The laws of altering behaviour and sustaining change
  • have discovered how to make your dreams come true by analysing your puzzle building pieces
  • have learnt how to successfully visualise so that you can accomplish your goals
  • How to get what you want, whether it's personally, for your team or organization
  • Improve awareness so that you may recognise opportunities and capitalise on them
  • To set realistic and meaningful goals
  • Remove obstacles to your goals
  • have learnt how to important your attitude is and how to alter it when needed.              
  • Know what general considerations you should keep in mind on your behaviour, dress and appearance, when doing a presentation. 
  • have learnt how to use the power of affirmation and monitoring your words
  • have discovered what pleases you and the importance of trusting your instincts and passions.
  • have learnt how to manifest positive and powerful thoughts and how to direct them accordingly.
  • Discover your happiness and what pleases you.
  • To improve your efficiency, productivity and your overall performance.
  • To transfer this learning to your personal life and work place


The Course

1. Discovering Your Potential:


1.1 Discussion on what is life and reality


1.2 Defining Potential


1.3 What to do with your own potential

  • Swot Analysis group work
  • Peer and Assessor Observation form:
        1. Disc Behavioral Profile – Discover your profile and others and how to adapt
        2. Transactional Analysis
        3. Games People play


        2. Developing Your Potential:


        2.1 Making Your Thoughts Become Things

        Smart Goals


        2.2 Visualisation

        Goals Pictures


        2.3 Attitude


        2.4 You are the message

      1. Aggressive, Assertive and Non-assertive
      2. Body Language and basic presentation skills
      3. Personal Appearance/ Dress Code
      4. Using your Voice


2.5. Directing your thoughts and the Law of Attraction

  • The Power of Repetition


2.6 The self talk strategy and affirmations Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingWriting positive self talk


3. Demonstrating Your Potential


3.1 Discovering your Happiness and Trusting Yourself

  • Life is a journey
  • Thoughts to ponder on:
  • Trusting yourself
  • Observation and Feedback by Learner: Learner listening and giving feedback on a presentation:
  • Observation by Assessor: Learner giving feedback and as listener:
  • Observation by Assessor: Learner doing his/ her own presentation:


3.2 Making a Difference

  • You can make a Difference
  • You can be whatever you want to be


3.3 Motivation

Workplace Exercise and Learning Commitment

Finale rap up and finale assessment of competence

What others have to say

“Thanks for inviting me and providing us with an excellent course, I found it to be cleansing and rejuvenating" ~ Sherifa Charles  Read more

The author

Wendy Shuttleworth is a Life Line counselor, educator, natural born psychic and intuitive. Wendy holds over 23 full qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework...

Wendy Shuttleworth


The book

the inner eye

Dear Reader
Firstly, thank you for going on a journey of self development with me.  I hope you learn more about yourself, your unique diversity and your individual beauty.



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