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Your Soul Puzzle

A workbook to assist you in accepting, loving and organising your light and dark puzzle pieces - to help you achieve all you can in this life.


My letter to you and how to use this book?

Dear Reader 

Firstly, thank you for going on a journey of self development with me.  I hope you learn more about yourself, your unique diversity and your individual beauty.


Secondly, thank you to all my clients, my friends and my family for their valued support and help with this book and life in general.  All the names of my clients and friends used as examples have been changed to protect the people involved.


There is Light (some see it as good energy) and there is Dark (some see it as bad energy).  We need both in the world.  Life is a continuous cycle of ebb and flow, circles within circles.  It is about getting and keeping balance!  Without the light, or the good, how would we see or differentiate from the dark, or the bad, and vice versa?  You need dark pieces in your soul puzzle to give depth and a sense of perspective to your life and to your personality and puzzle picture.  The dark times can help us appreciate the good and light more.  We all have “bad” or dark times or thoughts, if you live consciously, you can learn to change your mind-frame and your reality to focus on and create more of the good or light times.


We need complementary duality to give us depth and contrast. Most of us have chosen good and bad to give our lives that depth and meaning. That is not the only way to give contrast and context to our life’s meaning. To say that is the only way is similar to saying “one cannot appreciate ice cream without sucking a lemon.” The key is in not discarding (or overly embracing) the bad, but in gleaning the value hidden within. The dark pieces can act as a foundational catalyst to bring out the best in you and give us a level of depth and empathy we require to become mature adults.


When referring to Light, I encompass whoever means or stands for good energy for you, including (but not limited to) God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Angels, Nature and Animals, Mother Earth (Gaia), the Elohim, the Creative force, your own positive puzzle pieces, your own inner and outer beauty and talents.


When referring to Dark, I encompass whoever means or stands for bad energy for you, including (but not limited to) the devil, demons, tokoloshi, drugs, your negative or dark puzzle pieces, fear, past negative patterns and beliefs that lower your energy. This is, anything that prevents you from living in your truth, fulfilling your life purpose and achieving your fullest potential. 

When you get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of your personal growth there is no bad or good - just the life you create for yourself and what you make of it.  We all come to earth to learn lessons, to love, to procreate and to play our games.  That does not mean that I believe abuse or killing is good, but I do believe there is a reason people do it.  You can choose to participate in good life games or bad life games - it is your choice.


You can choose to be the person you want to be (negative or positive): it is your choice. You can choose to be happy or not: the choice is yours.  You can choose wealth or destitution, health or illness.  What is your choice?


Beyond good and bad there is what you own and what you deny; what you express and what you keep bottled-up. Anger bottled-up is seen as unhealthy by most, but love bottled-up and not expressed can be just as unhealthy. The key with emotion is to express it appropriately. We live in a world where we try not to reveal our real self to those around us.  The idea is to release it and reveal it so that we are not carrying baggage that can harm us. Release and reveal who you are in a safe and appropriate way.


We choose our parents and our parents choose us.  Many people would not easily accept this reality, but it is true at many different levels. Parents and their children are in fact the ultimate mutual learning partnership – however the lessons may not superficially make sense - in this life-time. We choose the set of contextual, physical, emotional and spiritual situations to help us learn our life lessons and to fulfil our life’s purpose.  Sometimes the lessons are hard and, understandably, we become frustrated, vengeful and angry.  When we experience pain we can get lost in it, or we can learn from it, and become a deeper, more insightful/more evolved/more mature person.  We can get a step closer to the universe, God, forgiveness, understanding, humility, unconditional love, altruism and ourselves or, alternatively, we can use it to build walls, judgments and destructive patterns around us.


Unfortunately, we all tend to build at least a few of the negative, blaming patterns which then prevent us from living more and more in light and love and abundance.  It takes us time to see our current (past) patterns/habits, and understand how they prophetically recur (future), and then to admit to them and own them – and either endure them, or change them.  We learn from life and its experiences but this may only come with time, age and experience (wisdom).  Our Soul has a learning plan for each of us.  It gives us experiences, but it is up to us to choose how to use them as we also have free choice as to how to learn from these experiences.


I believe we need to make our outer world matter less (extrinsic locus) and to make our inner world (intrinsic locus) carry more meaning.  What I mean by this is that we need to stop looking to others for acceptance and love or blaming them for our life.  Ultimately, HOW we act in a situation (behaviour) is what counts (in societal terms), and not really WHY we behave in such a way (motive)!  We need to look at ourselves and see what we are doing to create or influence the reality we are in, and why we are in that reality. Why we choose to live our particular reality, to be in it or stay in it - and then act from a sense of consciousness and not purely react in a knee-jerk way through negative (fear, habit, hatred and darkness) response to stimuli.


My background of having been born a psychic and having the ability to see energy patterns helped me recognize the universal tides (silent and invisible ebb and flow of energy) early in life.  I chose the field of working with people, counselling them in the fields of self-destructive or suicidal tendencies, healing, relationships, life purpose and abuse.  I chose to ‘grow’ people and help them gain insights into life, their life-purpose and how they could relate to others.


This taught me many lessons, which helped me gain more insight into myself and others.  I went on various courses and paths in life including corporate training, spiritual counselling, cosmic warfare, holistic healing, time and space quantums, ageing and parallel-self work. I worked with crystals, colour and natural substances to help people find their truth and meaning.


I studied under many great teachers and some less than great ones (all part of shaping who I am now). I learned to discern the difference between useful and less-useful information (nothing is useless), beliefs and emotions too. I learned how to assist others in reality shifting, working through pain and acceptance in a quicker way and transforming energies and negative patterns.


I learned about fear and evil and how we store it in our body’s cells (and in our family lives – for literally generations) and how this affects our future lives, how our health (or lack of health) is no coincidence, how our holistic well-being reflects our lives, our innermost thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.  I learned about DNA ‘harbouring,’ cellular learning, and releasing negative energy through bodywork, affirmations, meditation techniques, breath-work, re-birthing, family relationship therapy - amongst other techniques.


The most important things I learned were that there are no coincidences, and that you can never change another. Ultimately you can only change yourself and your reality, your universe. You are however able to create a space where another may feel safe, loved or inspired enough to change, but it is always their choice to embrace transformation. You can become more aware of the reality you are creating and decide how others will treat you.  This book will prompt many emotions, thoughts and questions.  I hope my writing it and sharing my personal experiences will help you in some way.  I know it has helped me in many ways.  One never stops learning and I would love to hear your comments and response to this book.


I would suggest you answer the questions in pencil in the book or on a spare piece of paper.  The process of writing down your answers helps to clarify/affirm your thoughts on an issue, gain deeper insight and take ownership of the process and your thoughts.  It allows you to revisit your answers at a later date and note changes, to observe how you have moved on or progressed through an issue. There is an electrochemical reaction that takes place in the brain (psycho-neural learning) when you consider and write down your thoughts and feelings. Writing your perceptions down puts them into perspective and allows you to really see (in black and white) what is real for you. This is something that is infinitely harder than when you just allow the thoughts to loop round in your head.  Almost like praying or reciting self-affirmations aloud. So do write your answers down please. The key here is to be fully honest with yourself, not to tailor your answers even a little bit for those you may want to impress. It is not necessary to play games (even with yourself) or say what you think a ‘normal’ person would say, or what you think we would want to hear. Make a point not to show your answers to anyone else unless you trust them 100% and you have already completed the process. This is your opportunity to discover more about yourself and your journey.  This is your personal diary of change and hope. I hope this book helps you to ask yourself and answer truthfully questions that will make you aware of how you are creating your present reality. To start with:


Looking at the areas of your life that stand out (positively or negatively) where do you act fully consciously and where do you react out of fear or learned responses?


Think now: “What are the main things/emotions/ experiences in my life of which I would like to have had less of?”


And the things/emotions/experiences in life you would have wanted more of?


Your answers may be different every time you ask yourself these questions, but just note where you are now, what your current issues are now and then continue through the work book.


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Prelude and Introduction

It was a peaceful night in the Tolbert household.  Wendy was content and half-asleep as she lay listening to her Mother’s calm words.  Through a haze of cloudy thoughts and warm fluffy blankets on a cold night, Wendy heard the story:  “… and Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after.” 

“Goodnight, sleep tight and be sure the bugs don’t bite,” Mom tucked her in and kissed her on her forehead, “Sweet dreams about your prince”.


Wendy was an unusual child, and often felt isolated and different from children her own age.  She saw angels, who told her what would happen in the future and why.  She didn’t understand why everybody could not see angels as she did.  She knew one day she would meet her prince and hoped tonight she would dream about him.


Sweet dreams, the innocence of youth and hope bathed her in a warm glow as she drifted off to sleep…  Her prince would be tall with dark hair just like the prince in the story her Mom read her.


Many years later she would look back at this sleeping child with a love and wisdom born of age and hardships.  How do you tell a child that yes, one day she will meet her soul mate prince, but he will not be her first and only love and he will not know or find her by her shoe size?


How do you explain life’s hardships?  How do you explain that your prince is not always young, handsome and rich?  That maybe your prince has another princess in mind?  Or that living happily ever after is hard work - even with your soul mate?


As the older, wiser Wendy looks on the sleeping child, she knows that eventually the child will have the tools to achieve happiness, and that life’s hardships are life’s lessons and life’s adventures, that the child’s greatest challenge will not be dragons or evil step mothers, but herself.


We can have far greater relationships with the same inputs (learned patterns, dreams, beliefs, hang-ups, fantasies, etc.) if only we truly know ourselves and admit to them.  We can overcome anything and learn to love, even ourselves.


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The author

Wendy Shuttleworth is a Life Line counselor, educator, natural born psychic and intuitive. Wendy holds over 23 full qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework...

Wendy Shuttleworth

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