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The Author an International Speaker, Author, Change and Development Strategist, Motivator, Christian, Manager and expert facilitator


A passionate, provocative and creative thinker in the field of developing people and helping them be all they can be.


In her life as a transformation trainer, Glenda Wendy has successfully facilitated training programmes for more than 10 000 delegates across South Africa and United Kingdom. She is an assessor, moderator and verifier for various Seta's and trainer, coach and counsellor for various corporate.


Her two decades of experience is in-depth as it is expansive. It spans international speaking, key note delivery, Leadership and Talent Development, Learning and Development, Counseling and Coaching, Marketing and Sales Management, managing and growing demanding small Training and Education businesses, Public Relations, Project Management and Operations Management.


Glenda Wendy is particularly adept at developing leaders and facilitating change at every level in an organisation and managing all talent development.


Wendy Shuttleworth is a Life Line counselor, educator, natural born psychic and intuitive. Wendy holds over 23 full qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework, ranging from human resources, counseling, training, and generic management.


Wendy also did a Map (mini MBA at Wits university). She has studied and attended the courses of many great spiritual masters, including Jan Weiss, author of “Teaching the monkey to fly”, and Pam Roux (Transpersonal Psychologist).


Wendy grew up in South Africa during the Apartheid and trasnsition stage and experienced the diversity and conflict of a changing nation. Wendy helps others solve personal problems, recover from abuse and addictions, enhance relationships, gain insights into themselves and others and, live their life purpose.




  1. NDip: Organisational Transformation and Change Management
  2. NCertif: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices
  3. NDip: Business Consulting Practice
  4. NCertif: General Management
  5. MAP: mini MBA
  6. NDip: Human Resources Management
  7. Also a Coach, Counsellor, Verifier, Assessor, Moderator


Wendy Shuttleworth

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